Ted Milton / Blurt ‎– Ruminant Violence 12″


Blurt are one of the UK’s all-time great acts, phenomenal live and on record and supremely underrated. Blurt mainman Ted Milton is a living legend. In 1984 he released a solo 12″, Love Is Like A Violēnce, an accidental dancefloor gem. Dubbed-out stabs, programmed rhythm, trademark sax squeals, and a subdued vocal reminiscent of Vincent Price. Side A presents the A and B side of the original 12″. On the B side is “The Ruminant Plinth”, one of multiple classic tracks in the Blurt catalogue. Tribal hypno rhythms, chicken wire guitar, sax, and Milton’s voice on fire.

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A1 –Ted Milton – Love Is Like A Violence
A2 –Ted Milton – It’s Only Recently That Stalins Have Begun To Roost
AA1 –Blurt – The Ruminant Plinth

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