Suso Saiz ‎– Rainworks LP


Despite having the immediacy of an improvised piece, ‘Rainworks’ was in entirely composed by Suso. Whilst on one hand it appears very much as an electronic album there are in fact many acoustic elements to the recording. A resonant piano (a grand piano re-amplified using its resonant box and harp to generate effects) as well as guitars (with simple effects) are played in Suso’s inimitable hypnotic way, slowly drawing the listener into a transportive state or lucid dream.

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A From Memory And The Sky (El Cielo Y La Memoria) 20:06
B1 The Way Of The Water (Agua Para Caminar) 8:54
B2 The Hiding Place (El Escondite) 6:41
C1 They Don’t Love Each Other (No Se Aman) 5:36
C2 Nothing Ends (Nada Se Termina) 10:33
D A Rainy Afternoon (Una Tarde De Lluvia) 19:58

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