Roberto Musci ‎– Tower Of Silence LP


Music From Memory returns with their penultimate release of 2016, this time bringing together a compilation of works by the Italian composer and musician Roberto Musci. While studying guitar and saxophone in his hometown of Milan, Musci developed a deep fascination for non-western music and set out to travel across India, Asia and Africa, which he would do extensively between 1974-1985. During his many journeys Roberto would become deeply embedded in each unique world of rhythms, scales and approaches to making and performing music. Throughout this period of travel he would make many field recordings as well as collect and study many traditional and indigenous instruments that he would then later combine with synthesizers and electronics on his return to Italy.

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A1 Improbably Music 3:00
A2 Nexus On The Beach 6:11
A3 Lidia After The Snow 2:28
A4 Water Music 2:05
A5 Woman Of Water And Music 5:24
A6 Lullabies… Mother Sings… Father Plays… 3:28
B1 Back Railway To 3:48
B2 Tamatave 6:12
B3 Semar 5:26
B4 Tower Of Silence 2:13
B5 Claudia, Wilhelm R And Me 3:01
C1 Voices Of The Ancient 2:10
C2 Blue Garden 4:40
C3 When A Dolphin Saves A Baby 3:33
C4 Katak Dance For H Partch 2:45
C5 Night Music 4:40
C6 The Way Of Discreet Zen 3:37
D1 Ghost Train 3:01
D2 Kioko’s Deck 5:54
D3 Shadow Player 3:50
D4 Empty Boulevard 2:03
D5 The Ups And Downs Of Chewing Gum 3:54
D6 A Tale For C 3:27

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