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White on White is an absorbingly dynamic, multi-layered album of improvisations made on the seminal PPG Wave synth, inspired by the work, life and theories of the great, if forgotten, British constructivist artist Marlow Moss (1889-1958): a radical, gender-bending British Jewish lesbian and innovator of non-figurative art who was a then-contemporary influence on Piet Mondrian, with whom she worked alongside from the late 1920s as part of the Abstraction-Creation artists association in Paris, until the Nazi’s forced her from mainland Europe back to England, where she settled in the far west of Cornwall.




A1 Fractions Of The Absolute
A2 Machines For Measuring Space
A3 Space, Movement And Light
A4 The Circumstances Of Her Neglect
A5 Balanced On A Slender Black Stem
B1 Matrix Of The Visible
B2 Double Line
B3 Fractions Of The Absolute II
B4 Man Guessed At A Spiritual Meaning And Imposed A Moral System

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