Factory Floor ‎– A Soundtrack For A Film 4LP

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With over 150 minutes of the film to soundtrack, Gabe Gurnsey and Nik Colk Void a.k.a. Factory Floor cover a lot of bases, from tense greyscale ambient to needling electro and pulsating techno and industrial minimalism, often in the same track, which scale from tense, 3 minutes themes, and up to a 20 minute-long tract of woozy slow electro.

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A1 Metropolis
A2 Beneath
A3 Run
A4 Father Part 1
B1 Father Part 2
B2 Identity Switch
B3 Circuit Senses Part 1
C1 Circuit Senses Part 2
C2 Babel
D1 Cave
D2 Wonder
D3 Suspicious
E1 Transform
E2 Heart Of Data
E3 Find Part 1
F1 Find Part 2
F2 Up Rise
G1 Flood
H1 Become
H2 End

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