Doris Norton ‎– Artificial Intelligence LP


Using a PC and some Roland gear, Norton meticulously programmed the instruments and textures on Artificial Intelligence from scratch. In doing so she created everything from percussive sounds to pipe organs to alien approximations of her own voice. The record she made with these tools is a collection of volatile electro that, despite its digital birth, is characterised by a very human sense of mischief.

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A1 Artificial Intelligence 3:57
A2 Machine Language 5:13
A3 Advanced Micro Music 3:48
A4 Sylicon Valley 3:41
A5 Juno 106 Software 0:20
B1 Norton Institute 3:38
B2 Norton Musik Research 7:00
B3 Oh Supermac 2:08
B4 Bit Killed Hertz 3:14
B5 JX-3P Software 1:12

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