Dead Moon ‎– Dead Moon: The Book BOOK + 2LP + 2×7″


The 2 LP records come in printed inner sleeves, which are mounted in the front and back covers of the 300 page full color 12.75″ x 12.75″ x 1.5″ book. There are 2 7″ 45 rpm records loose in white paper sleeves, and a sheet that describes these 2 records’ provenance. The 45s were only available to those who ordered the record via kickstarter. The version distributed at the manufacturer’s storefront in Portland Oregon came with a Fred Cole sticker, and many copies were signed by either Toody Cole (the bass player and female vocalist of Dead Moon) or szim (the book’s designer), or both.


300 pages, full color with TONS of unseen photos and ephemera
2xLP contains Dead Moon greatest hits collection completely remastered from the original tapes

A1 –Dead Moon Graveyard
A2 –Dead Moon D.O.A.
A3 –Dead Moon The Way It Is
A4 –Dead Moon These Times With You
A5 –Dead Moon Over The Edge
A6 –Dead Moon Fire In The Western World
A7 –Dead Moon Out In The Blue
B8 –Dead Moon It’s O.K.
B9 –Dead Moon Day After Day
B10 –Dead Moon Black September
B11 –Dead Moon A Miss Of You
B12 –Dead Moon Jane
B13 –Dead Moon Dagger Moon
B14 –Dead Moon Down The Road
C15 –Dead Moon Dead Moon Night
C16 –Dead Moon Clouds Of Dawn
C17 –Dead Moon I’m Out Nine
C18 –Dead Moon Running Out Of Time
C19 –Dead Moon Walking On My Grave
C20 –Dead Moon Cast Will Change
C21 –Dead Moon Claim To Fame
D22 –Dead Moon Don’t Burn The Fires
D23 –Dead Moon Can’t Do That
D24 –Dead Moon Demona
D25 –Dead Moon Johnny’s Got A Gun
D26 –Dead Moon 54/40 Or Fight
D27 –Dead Moon Somewhere Far Away
D28 –Dead Moon Unknown Passage
E29 –Deep Soul Cole Poverty Shack
E30 –Dead Moon Pushin’ Too Hard
F31 –Dead Moon Running Scared
F32 –Dead Moon We Won’t Change

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