Cicciolina Holocaust / Sermonizer ‎– Albeit Albeit / Sibelius Spiders LP

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This split release from Cicciolina Holocaust and Sermonizer features material recorded in ’83-’85. Florim Prishtina and Rezart Veseli recorded together as Cicciolina Holocaust in Firenze, (Italy) during the late ’70s and early ’80s, releasing several tapes, all as small private editions given to friends. Their work covers a wide spectrum of analogue electronics, resulting in oppressive and uber-dark synthscapes and minimal proto-techno experiments. Sermonizer from Bologna started experimenting with primitive (field-) recordings and tape manipulations in late ’79. From 1984 he recorded numerous avant-garde, industrial and ambient works on to a 4-track recorder. His massive output consists ofvery manyprivate tape albums, both studio and live recordings.

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Albeit Albeit
A1 –Cicciolina Holocaust Zigomar 6:39
A2 –Cicciolina Holocaust In Tempore Non Suspecto 6:51
A3 –Cicciolina Holocaust Silent Killing 7:35
Sibelius Spiders
B1 –Sermonizer Rosalita 4:18
B2 –Sermonizer Mystery 3:11
B3 –Sermonizer Acid86 To Dica68 2:37
B4 –Sermonizer Sibelius Spiders 3:48
B5 –Sermonizer Copulator 4:10

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