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Jealous God 03 – Silent Servant (w/ Powell reconstruction) **Mount Analog Exclusive Version**

Jealous God 03 – Silent Servant with Powell reconstruction 12″

** This exclusive version is strictly limited to 300 copies via Mount Analog only. **
Featuring clear vinyl, mix CD, postcard, Jealous God button, and newsprint zine. First 50 customers receive a special Jealous God magnet.
+Silent Servant’s ‘Lust Abandon’ is a rework from a cassette-only release from early 2013; backed with a fantastic remix from Powell. “Following his recent production assistance with the Vatican Shadow project and a handful of remixes in 2013, Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant plays ice cool with the low key swagger and noirish minimal wave atmosphere and voices of ‘Lust Abandon’ sounding like a prime offcut from his stunning ‘Negative Fascination’ LP. In contrast, Powell’s reconstruction incorporates slivers of the original into a completely new piece bearing only trace resemblance to the original, coming off like a modded-out muscle car groove welded together from some psychobilly’s scrapyard in a Mad Max future – all pollutant bass revs, cranking drums and shuddering electronics angled with shark-eyed swerve.”