Puce Mary


An unrelenting fear of dread and coldness penetrates the avant-garde power electronics of Copenhagen-based artist Puce Mary, the nom de plume of Frederikke Hoffmeier. The Danish noisenik first came to prominence in 2010 with the collaborative release Lucia with Lust for Youth’s Loke Rahbek, on Danish label Posh Isolation. That same year, she released the Piss Flowers cassette, which showcased her unremitting use of feedback, noise, and guttural screams to climatic effect. Becoming a staple of the touring circuit within the noise scene, Hoffmeier’s brutal use of electronics transferred just as well into a live space. A second release with Loke Rahbek came in 2011, and a slew of cassette-only releases continued throughout the following year. Hoffmeier’s first full-length, Success, was released in 2013, again on Posh Isolation, and she became a firm fixture on the label’s roster. Refining her sound a little for 2014’s Persona, Hoffmeier continued to release self-pressed cassettes and split-releases with the likes of Sewer Election and Broken Lights. Collaborating once again with Loke Rahbek , this time on 2015’s The Female Form, Hoffmeier continued to perform solo, utilizing the sessions to inform her recorded output. 2016 saw the release of her third full length, The Spiral, which combined the noisier elements of her early work. The album once again saw Hoffmeier refine her sound, giving the album an almost introspective feel at times.

Affiliations: Posh Isolation