Jack J


jackjJack J is a music producer and deejay from British Columbia’s Vancouver City.

He is a part of Canada’s Mood Hut group and at the same time one half of Pender Street Steppers. He is also the second youngest and only Anglophone member of the unsuccessful and now on hiatus C’est Life band from Quebec.

His output so far is several (two) ambient cassette tapes on Mood Hut Cassettes, a couple of exciting dance records on Mood Hut and Future Times as well as a popular 90 minute mix tape of all original demos and dubs recorded with some of the surviving members of the C’est Life band.

JJ splits his time currently between music and harm reduction based outreach work in and around Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

For more information please call +1 (778) 889 – 6916

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