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  • Jack J


    Jack J is a music producer and deejay from British Columbia’s Vancouver City. He is a part of Canada’s Mood Hut group and at the same time one half of Pender Street Steppers. He is also the second youngest and only Anglophone member of the unsuccessful and now on hiatus C’est Life band from Quebec. […]

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  • Varg


    Varg is the main alias for 25-year-old producer Jonas Rönnberg, who grew up in Skellefteå, Sweden, a small 4,000 person town in northern Sweden. His career as a techno producer happened after an unfortunate encounter left him with nothing to do. “I got robbed and they threw me onto the train tracks and I couldn’t […]

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  • Silent Servant


    Silent Servant’s prolific output as a producer and artist has laid the groundwork for much of the most ambitious and forward thinking electronic music of today. As a member of the now defunct Sandwell District, he helped force the hand of change with uncompromising ability. And still, he continues to do so with even greater […]

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  • Shifted


    To understand Guy Brewer’s creative output is perhaps more of a perceptive outlook onto the surroundings that have harnessed and fertilized such a mutable yield – a progressive change that is at all times moving forward in its’ impulsivity and temperament. In that dynamic of change is the very constant that has defined the diverse […]

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  • Russell Haswell


    Russell Haswell is a restlessly forward-thinking, multi-disciplinary artist, performer and curator born in Coventry and currently based in Suffolk, England. With a background steeped in computer music, black metal, noise, techno, free-stye and solo improvisation, his practice is renowned for broaching the extremities of visual and sonic arts. He’s performed in noted live and HDJ […]

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  • Puce Mary


    An unrelenting fear of dread and coldness penetrates the avant-garde power electronics of Copenhagen-based artist Puce Mary, the nom de plume of Frederikke Hoffmeier. The Danish noisenik first came to prominence in 2010 with the collaborative release Lucia with Lust for Youth’s Loke Rahbek, on Danish label Posh Isolation. That same year, she released the […]

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  • Powell


    With his own label Diagonal Records, established in 2011, and as XL Recordings’ latest pop pioneer, Powell scissors through the current musical landscape cleverly shaping, cutting, replacing and repositioning. What emerges is a distinct sound, a new panorama that’s fantastically out-of-sorts with the tired conventions and techno-by-numbers predictability of modern-day electronic music. As one of […]

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  • Not Waving


    Not Waving is the solo alias of London-via-Italy producer Alessio Natalizia, an ambitious project through which he’s been tirelessly churning out woozy analogue electronics. Since 2013, Natalizia has released the murky atmospherics of debut Umwelt, followed by the sublime, cassette-only Redacted, the hazy, stargazing experiments of his Human Capabilities album and the ice-cool sci-fi techno […]

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  • M.E.S.H.


    As a co-resident of Berlin club night Janus, M.E.S.H. has been constantly active bringing fragmented rhythms to the dancefloor and refiguring club dynamics on records such as Share The Blame and Scythians. His debut full-length, Piteous Gate, was a bold step forward, leaving behind much of the dance-informed elements of his previous work and creating […]

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  • Marshstepper


    Hailing from the forbidding badlands of Arizona, Marshstepper is an incohesive and multidisciplinary artist platform. Chaos and confusion being central to their live acts, Marshstepper follow a strongly iconoclastic approach in its methods of sound, dance, music and imagery. Their use of not only volume and violence, but also humor, spontaneity, silence and euphoria as […]