Body Sculptures

Jonas Rönnberg, known under his solo moniker Varg, co-owner of Northern Electronics and involvement in the projects Ulwhednar (with Abdulla Rashim) and D.A.R.F.D.H.S. 

Erik Enocksson, renowned Swedish composer who has scored countless independent productions, with recent press accolades for his release for alternative soundtrack to the film ‘Apan’,  on Posh Isolation.


Frederikke Hoffmeier, of industrial and experimental project Puce Mary.


Ossian Ohlsson, of dark industrial outfit Vit Fana


Loke Rahbek, co-owner of the Danish Posh Isolation label and member of Damien Dubrovnik, Croatian Amor, and Lust For Youth.




Body Sculptures is a project of five unique voices in European experimental electronic music today, while also an accomplished outcome of the collaborative efforts of Sweden’s Northern Electronics and Denmark’s Posh Isolation labels.


The sound and vision of Body Sculptures treads around diverse genre lines, while carrying the torch of boundary-breaking experimentalism and noise-art: Yet singular in the musical world that the listener is drawn into. Inspiration is culled from techno, ambient, industrial and vintage electro-acoustic soundscapes – yet, it is the very disparate nature of all the elements that capture the output and concept of band as a whole. The aesthetic singularity of the project is owed to these distinguished individuals’ varying backgrounds, as they each contribute diversified work methods and sound pallets to the shared body of work. Composition, form, and a remarkable cinematic sensibility is the constant driving force within the performance, as the members utilize a wide variety of instrumentation in masterful sync: from modular synthesizers, electronics, loops, live drums, guitar, vocals, to performative body acoustics – all used in varying orthodox and unorthodox ways.

Body Sculptures took the main stage with spectacular live video art, for a headlining world-premiere performance at Berlin Atonal in August 2015: a context that perfectly captured the limitless spirit and curious power of performance art, when both artist and listener alike are formally encouraged outside of comfort zones, to dance with the unconventional.


These were the pieces you could see performed at MoMa, the ones accessible not only to the aficionados of these musical approaches but also to your regular art critic….. I would say that this [Body Sculptures] stood up as a point of maximum intensity.”

– Simona Mantarlian, The Attic.

This collective exchange was trance-inducing and impossibly nuanced”
– Rose Mardit, Juno Download.
Fearlessly abstract”
– Alex Gwilliam, Crack Magazine
…Intensity into pure physicality….”
– Albert Freeman, The Quietus
Affiliations: Posh Isolation